Travelling is stressful on both your mind and your body. Not only does it cause anxiety for most people as it takes them out of their normal routine, but it’s also exhausting. From road trips or sitting for hours on end on a plane, your body is getting less blood flow, and your muscles tighten up from being in the same position for a long period of time.
Sure, when we were younger it was fine! But start listening to your body when it’s asking for help. Getting off your flight with soreness or stiffness doesn’t just go away, you need to heal it – a massage gun like the Rejuv can help recover your body from the travel-soreness – applying pressure to the targeted areas to help provide instant relief.
The Rejuv massage gun isn’t just for those that attend the gym frequently, it’s an all in one device that can help your body with pain relief and inflamed muscles. The 5 different massage gun heads help with targeting and reaching areas that need it the most, use the head you think will benefit the muscle the most, and gently float the Rejuv over the targeted areas.
Benefits after a long flight:
  • Help relieve stiffness from sitting in the same position for an extended amount of time
  • Helps increase blood flow
  • Provides instant release from sore muscles – being cramped up in the same position can lead to weeks of hurt
  • Helps you relax after not a lot of sleep
  • Relieves stress
Using the Rejuv massage gun before, during, or after a long-haul flight or road trip could reap great benefits to you and your bodies’ well being. When flying, sitting for long periods of time at altitude your blood can start to pool in your feet and leave you feeling lethargic when you get back onto the ground. Using a massage gun can help rejuvenate your body, increase blood flow and relieve any stresses that have developed throughout your travels.
While you are able to travel with your Rejuv massage gun and accessories in your carry-on luggage, it is at the discretion of the TSA officer to allow it through. FitRecovery recommends that you look up the available batteries you are allowed to take on your flights. Please look this up via your airline or outbound airport website.