We’ve always been taught to stretch out our muscles, before and after a workout, but did you know that massaging your muscles is just as vital after a gym session?

Ignoring your body after a workout can cause more harm than good, it requires precise attention, relief, nutrients and any sort of assistance with recovery. One of the best ways you can lessen soreness and help ensure that you’re not aching for days is with massage.

When we talk about massage, we’re defining this as tension on muscles that help relax, soften and increase blood flow. This can be done via a massage therapist, or simply using equipment like a massage gun or massage balls. By doing this, you’re actually addressing the minuscule tears in muscle fibers that result from vigorous exercise. Those minuscule tears lead to inflammation, which limits mobility. Massage improves blood flow in those areas and stimulates healing.

Massage Has the Ability to

  • Provide pain relief: By loosening up tightened and inflamed muscles.
  • Improve recovery time: By improving blood flow, massage stimulates mitochondria, which are the “energy packs” in our body that drive cellular function and repair.
  • Relieve muscle tension: By improving flexibility and blood flow in the muscles.
  • Help you relax: By offering relief, massage helps you improve the quality of your sleep, which eliminates fatigue and helps promote faster recovery.

Think of a massage gun having 100 x the more benefits to foam rolling, the different functioning heads offer more ways to reach and empower your muscles all valued to your preference. According to Metro News UK [Britain’s largest news outlet] “The (massage gun) aims to make it super simple to heal your whole body. The gun is lightweight and versatile, so you can reach even tricky areas – like your back and shoulders – without too much trouble…” Read more:  https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/02/futuristic-gun-effective-foam-rolling-muscle-soreness-9380789/

These massage equipment empowers you to take control of your own muscular recovery process. We all know our body best, and what areas are usually more tense than others – so being to control the pressure, head, control and time on these areas is a big benefit to your body’s recovery.

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