Is Working from Home a Pain in the Neck?
Poor posture, increased stress and disruption to your routine whilst working from home could all be contributing to sore, tight muscles in your body!

Are you Exercising at Home and Can’t Get to a Massage Therapist?

Remember, recovery is just as important as movement!

No matter your situation, the FitRecovery Rejuv can help loosen tight muscle fibres and increase blood flow. The Rejuv massage gun has features and benefits which make it a perfect addition to your #stayhome daily routine:

-The Rejuv massage gun comes with 5 different attachable heads to suit muscles all over the body, depending on what ones might need some attention.

-Even though the speed of the Rejuv is faster than normal massage machines, it’s’ quiet motor won’t disturb your partner or roommates if they’re close by 

– You can use it completely solo – so you don’t need to worry about social distancing – and can control exactly how much pressure you need instead of suffering from a rough or soft masseuse

– Although feeling trapped or stuck in our homes might cause fatigue and sluggishness – muscle massage via our massage gun can improve oxygenation of your brain – giving you more energy and a clear head.

We know how important exercise is to you, it’s important to us too, that’s why we want you to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which can occur if you don’t take the correct steps after you’ve finished working out. DOMS has been proven to be diminished after use of a product with effects like our FitRecovery Rejuv massage gun. If that wasn’t reason enough to get your hands on one of our products – other responses to vibration can occur to nerves in your muscle groups – increasing the amount of force produced during exercise.

Even if you haven’t exercised while in self-isolation… massage therapy can still increase blood flow, increase muscle compliance and increase your joint range of motion, making your body move more efficiently with less pain and stiffness!

The FitRecovery Rejuv massage gun can be used before, during or after a workout – the best part is that you can figure out what works for you! Everyone’s different, we all prefer different things but a versatile massage gun can hit the spot for everybody.