Spiky Massage Ball


FitRecovery’s Spiky Ball works on the myofascial system to reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow, improve body awareness and aid in prevention of injuries and rehabilitation. By specifically targeting trigger points, this great mobility tool can assist in reducing pain levels and also improve range of movement through specific muscles, as a result improving joint movement.



How to Use your Spiky Massage Ball

  • Place the ball in troubled areas of the body, then slowly move your body back and forward and side to side to massage specific area.
  • Work on tight spots for 15 – 60 seconds until your muscles relax, then repeat for 15 – 90 seconds if needed.
  • By applying pressure and specific movements, the spiky ball is able to target deep areas that are causing trouble, and also encourage the muscles surrounding the area to relax.
  • Your spiky ball MUST NOT be used if you have had a recent trauma or injury that has broken the skin, caused significant bruising or inflammation of a joint
  • Discuss with practitioner before using the Spiky Ball if you are in doubt

Key Features and Benefits

  • Increased blood flow resulting in decreased muscle tension
  • Increased afferent stimulation to the nervous system
  • Paraspinal muscle tension relief
  • Improved energy flow through body from the stimulation of the acupuncture meridian lines
  • Increased joint flexibility

May be suitable treatment for:

  • Myofascial pain
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Sciatica and back pain
  • Stiff neck and headaches
  • Frozen shoulder

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